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Maintenance items include regular engine oil services (5000KM), transmision services (flush every 80,000KM), Brake fluid flush (every three years or based on fascar reading), P.S. Fluid (every three years), Differentials (50,000KM), Transfercase fluid (50,000KM), Engine Coolant Flush (typically every 5 years or when coolant is reaching a acidic level). Fluids typically are changed out using synthetic fluids which flow easier in the cold winter months. We also carry Wynn's additives which also prevent moisture and wear to components. Filters

Air filters, Cabin/Pollen filters, Heated/Cooled Seat filters, Fuel filters and Transmission filters are usually based upon inspection and or mileage.

Rust Proofing


Krown is specially formulated and laboratory-tested to ensure it is the highest performing rust-inhibitor of its kind. No other product on the market has the unique characteristics of Krown. With the ability to penetrate, lift moisture and self-heal, the Krown product truly is the Ultimate Rust Protection.

More Then Just Rust Protection

No matter what you drive, Krown can make a difference. Our unique, environmentally-friendly product does more than just protect against rust. It also lubricates moving parts and protects electrical connections, helping to reduce your vehicle maintenance costs. An annual Krown treatment is one of the best investments you can make saving you thousands of dollars over the life-cycle of your vehicle.

Benefits Of Krown

Longer vehicle life, Higher resale value, Reduced maintenance costs, Fewer electrical problems, Safer vehicle and a Better looking vehicle




We at AutoDoctor have a wide range of vehicle tires available for any make vehicle including:

We supply Cooper tires, but have access to all brand name tires. We also perform the install and balancing to all 13" - 22" tires installed by us.
Note: Vehicle shaking is often mistaken as wheel alignment issues, when in fact a simple balancing of the tires usually takes care of this issue.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments are also performed here at AutoDoctor using a state of the art 3D wheel alignment machine. Our machine is always up to date with which ever specs the manufacturer has released to the aftermarket community. Wheel alignments are required after most front end/suspension repairs. Wheel alignments should also be performed when new tires are installed. This will start the wear process evenly and eliminates any premature wear which results in unnecessary tire replacement intervals.
Note: Many people mistake an off center steering wheel as a tire balance issue, when in fact the steering wheel angel may be telling you something could be wrong with the alignment on your vehicle.

Tire Packages

Also offered are winter tire packages with aluminum (preferred) or steel rims and Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor's (TPMS). TPMS sensors typically only need to be re-programmed when the tires are rotated front to back and/or swapped out for winter tires. This allows your vehicle to show the proper tire on the display.

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