Auto Doctor


Today's vehicles are equipped with hydraulic braking systems. These braking systems don't necessarily stop you faster but allow the steering to be turned in a panic stop instead of skidding into oncoming traffic. Having the systems in proper working order can prevent you from a serious collision. We do not take safety for granted, using quality parts when servicing brakes. Brake services may include inspection of the system to ensure everything from the brake fluid to the to the friction material are within tolerances specified by the manufacturer.

Typical brake inspection includes a road test to check for pulsation and noise along with quick stops to ensure the brake systems are functioning properly. The vehicle is then brought into the shop to have the tires removed and the friction material measured, along with the rotors or drums inspected to make sure they are within a service limit. Emergency brake cables are also checked along with brake lines and hoses for deterioration along with brake calipers and wheel cylinders for moisture. The master cylinder is checked upon start up to ensure a kick back is felt which indicates the vacuum system functions properly as well. Brake fluid is also checked for moisture content as brake fluid likes to absorb moisture from the air and over time will take over the brake fluid and help cause premature wear on the system.

Automatic brake system lights diagnoses starts with a test drive with a scan tool hooked up to monitor wheel speeds, which in turn help us isolate which wheel may be causing a problem.

Driver safety is very important to our qualified staff. When you come to us, we will ensure you leave feeling safe.